We’ll contact you a few days after you take out your policy to arrange a convenient appointment for a black box to be fitted to your car. Usually this will take place at either your home or place of work, Monday to Friday.

The black box is about the size of a smartphone and is fitted out of sight in the car. The fitting is carried out by one of our trained, experienced installers and takes around an hour. The box is safe and does not interfere with the workings of your car.


You are insured before the black box is fitted

You will be insured to drive your car from the moment your policy starts; you don’t have to wait for the box to be fitted. We will fit the black box at no extra cost to you. It must be fitted to your car within two weeks of you buying the policy.

It is a condition of your policy that a box is fitted to your car – if you do not co-operate in having the black box fitted to your car within 14 days of you arranging your Policy with us we reserve the right to cancel your Policy. Please see the Private Car Policy Document for more information.


‘Drive like a girl’ and be rewarded

The black box fitted to your car records how you drive. It will measure how smoothly you drive by looking at your acceleration, regular heavy braking and speed. It also measures when you drive and how long you go without taking a break.

To ‘drive like a girl’ and earn maximum Reward Points you need to:

  • Drive smoothly and generally avoid rapid acceleration and harsh braking, unless it is an emergency
  • Drive at a speed appropriate for the road you are on
  • Avoid regular driving at night, especially between the times of 11pm and 4am
  • Take breaks on long journeys.

Find out more about how to ‘drive like a girl’.


Extra benefits with the black box

The black box will alert us if your car has been involved in an accident. If your car isn’t moving, we will try to call you on your mobile to check that you’re ok and help you on your way, or, if it is not safe to drive your car, we will arrange for your car to be taken for repair. If there is no reply and we believe you might be injured, particularly if your car is shown to be in a remote or isolated environment, we will do our very best to alert the emergency services to come to your aid. Please note that we are not able to guarantee that the emergency services will attend, and you should therefore still make all possible efforts to contact them yourself.

The black box also works as a theft tracking device, so if your car is stolen we can track its location and liaise with the police to help find it.
Buy a drive like a girl policy today and get the black box fitted at no extra cost – with lots of great benefits.


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