Since the EU Gender Ruling, young women and young men with the same circumstances pay the same for their car insurance. However, it has been proven in the past that young women tend to be safer drivers than their male counterparts. According to government reports, both drink and drug driving are more prevalent amongst males with other data showing that 57% of male drivers have been involved in an accident, compared to 44% of women. This has been the reason why young women’s insurance premiums were typically lower than men’s, after car insurance companies recognised that insuring young male drivers cost almost twice as much as young female drivers.

Now that premiums are more equal, it’s a great time to fit one of our telematics boxes to your car to see just how safely you drive. We use telematics to give both girls and boys the chance to get the fair price they deserve, treating each person as an individual.

Our boxes put you in control. There are no curfews, and no fines .


What does it mean to ‘drive like a girl’?

To help us offer the best deals on car insurance for young drivers we use telematics to let you show us whether you ‘drive like a girl’, including if you:

  • Drive smoothly
  • Keep to an appropriate speed for the road and conditions
  • Avoid harsh acceleration and braking (unless in an emergency)
  • Avoid driving regularly at night
  • Take breaks on long journeys.


How does it work?

It’s about the size of a smartphone and records various aspects of your driving, including speed, braking and acceleration. The box, which we fit out of sight in your car, allows us to find out what sort of driver you are – and helps us to locate your car if it is stolen, or if you have an accident.

The black box gathers accurate information about your driving and lets us calculate car insurance premiums based on individual driving behaviour at renewal – rather than just giving you an average gender-neutral quote. We know it isn’t easy finding affordable car insurance when you are a young driver, which is why we use telematics boxes. They help us to be able to provide you with a quote that’s based on your driving.

This means no more average gender-neutral insurance premiums – if you are a young driver and drive safely, why should you have to pay more?


Keep track of your driving

Once you’ve bought a policy with drive like a girl you get access to your own online dashboard, called Your Portal.

Your Portal is a place where you can view and print your policy documents, check how well you have been driving and find out how many Reward Points you have earned.

Why not get a quote today and see how much you could save on the cost of your premium with a policy from drive like a girl?