Drive like a girl is a type of car insurance especially designed for young women aged 17 to 25. It allows young women, who have had to pay more for their car insurance since the EU Gender Ruling in 2012, the chance to prove they are safe drivers and pay a fair price.


With drive like a girl you get a little extra reassurance that goes a long way

Drive like a girl is a sister brand of insurethebox, the UK’s leading telematics car insurer. insurethebox has collected over a billion miles of telematics data confirming that young women are safer drivers than young men, and, as a result, at drive like a girl we think they deserve to pay lower premiums.

We use the latest telematics technology to give girls the fair price they deserve, not because they are female, but because they are safer drivers. And with telematics, they can prove it.


And there’s more

We know that accidents are a big worry for parents – and it’s what you don’t know that can be the most daunting.

The black box will alert us if the car has been involved in an accident. If it isn’t moving, we will try to call the policyholder on their mobile to check that they’re ok or, if it is not safe to drive the car, we will arrange for it to be taken for repair. If there is no reply and we believe they might be injured, particularly if the car is shown to be in a remote or isolated environment, we will do our very best to alert the emergency services to come to their aid.

Please note that we are not able to guarantee that the emergency services will attend, and you should therefore still make all possible efforts to contact them yourself.


To sum up…

With drive like a girl you can not only get great price car insurance for your child, but also the reassurance that there’s someone looking out for them – every step of the way.


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