Shopping around for your child?

With drive like a girl you get the reassurance

…that goes a long way!

We use the latest telematics technology to give young drivers the fair price they deserve – if they’re safer drivers. We don’t just use the black box to calculate premiums; the technology allows us to provide tools that help drivers improve their driving.

Through alerts and safety campaigns, we give full support to our customers to become better and safer drivers. With over 5 billion miles of internal driving data, we know exactly how young and new drivers behave on the road; and this knowledge helps us keep them safe.

And there’s more…

We know it’s scary to be a parent of a new driver. It’s what you don’t know that can be the most daunting.

The black box will alert us if there’s been a strong impact on the car. If the car isn’t moving and it seems to us that the customer has had an accident, we’ll try to call the driver and check they’re OK. If we believe this might have been a serious incident, we’ll do our best to alert the emergency services.

Please note that we’re not able to guarantee that the emergency services will attend, and the driver should always make all possible efforts to contact them themselves.

In the unfortunate event that the car is stolen, our telematics technology can help us track its location so that we can work with the authorities to find it.

To sum up…

With drive like a girl you don’t only get a personalised premium and incentives to drive safely, but also the reassurance that there’s someone looking out for them – every step of the way.