Drive like a girl has a new approach to car insurance designed especially for young women aged 17 to 25.

We use telematics technology to give girls the fair price they deserve, not because they are female, but because they are safer drivers. And with telematics, they can prove it.

Drive like a girl is a sister brand of insurethebox, the UK’s leading telematics car insurer, who have collected over a billion miles of telematics data.

Launched in May 2010, insurethebox has pioneered the use of telematics-based car insurance and shaken up the established car insurance market.


What you need to know

All drive like a girl premiums are gender-neutral, in line with the regulations introduced by the EU Gender Directive in December 2012. We fit a new telematics device, the black box, out of sight, in your car at no extra charge.

The black box will record various aspects of your driving including your speed, acceleration and braking to see if you ‘drive like a girl’ – in other words, if you drive smoothly and keep to a sensible speed.


To sum it up…

Drive like a girl puts the power in your hands – letting you prove how safely you drive.

All our policies provide comprehensive car insurance and the standard benefits you would expect from a reputable insurer plus some extras we’ve added to keep you and your belongings safe.


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