Drive like a girl is designed especially to give fair premiums to young drivers aged 17–25.

We also include, as standard, a whole range of benefits other insurers could charge you extra for, plus with us you have all the benefits of the black box.


The benefits:

Black box fitted by one of our trained engineers

When you buy car insurance with drive like a girl, we will fit a black box to your car. This allows us to find out if you ‘drive like a girl’ so you can earn Reward Points.


Theft recovery

The box fitted to your car can work as a theft tracking device so we can help locate your car if it’s stolen.


Accident alert

The black box will alert us if your car has been involved in an accident. If your car isn’t moving, we will try to call you on your mobile to check that you’re ok and help you on your way, or, if it is not safe to drive your car, we will arrange for your car to be taken for repair. If there is no reply and we believe you might be injured, particularly if your car is shown to be in a remote or isolated environment, we will do our very best to alert the emergency services to come to your aid. Please note that we are not able to guarantee that the emergency services will attend, and you should therefore still make all possible efforts to contact them yourself.


Temporary replacement car

Drive like a girl will provide you with a temporary replacement car in the event of an accident, provided one is available and the loss or damage is covered by this Policy. Please see your Private Car Policy Document for more information.


Handbag cover up to £250

You are covered up to £250 for personal belongings and any handbag and its contents in your car if lost or damaged due to accident, fire, theft or attempted theft. A handbag is defined by drive like a girl as follows: a bag held in the hand or hung from the shoulder and used for carrying small personal articles. We may require proof of purchase or evidence of ownership to support your claim.


Get you home cover

We will pay all reasonable expenses up to a maximum of £50 to help you and your passengers get home, or complete your journey following a claim on your policy.


Misfueling cover up to £250

If you put the wrong fuel in your car, we will pay up to £250 to clean the necessary parts of your car or repair any damage caused.


Dedicated UK Claims Line 24/7

If you need to make a new claim you can call us at any time on 0330 022 0123.


90 Days EU Travel

Your policy includes the minimum compulsory insurance for driving within the European Union. You can use your Certificate of Motor Insurance for proof of this.


Uninsured Loss Protection

Your policy includes Uninsured Loss Protection as standard, which provides up to £100,000 of legal costs and expenses to help you and your passengers claim compensation for personal injury and other uninsured losses in the event of an accident that is not your fault. For cover to be effective, it must be more likely than not that your claim will succeed and that you are able to recover your losses from the person responsible for the accident. You will also need to contact us prior to appointing a solicitor. To make a claim, please call the drive like a girl claims helpline on 0330 022 0123.

Uninsured Loss Protection is provided by Brit Syndicate 2987 at Lloyd’s, managed by Brit Syndicates Limited. ARAG plc administers this policy on their behalf.


Personal accident cover

Your policy includes up to £7,500 of personal accident cover for you, your husband, wife, common law partner or civil partner when in or getting into or out of your car.

For further details about any of our benefits please see your Private Car Policy Summary and Private Car Policy Document.


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