Do you want to take control of your car insurance? It’s only right you get to have an impact on what you pay for driving. At drive like a girl we’re committed to give you the premium that you deserve.

We personalise your renewal quote

The black box we fit to your car gives us data about how you drive. Unlike traditional insurers, we have the information needed to give you accurate pricing based on your personal risk.

Driving safely can help you bring down the cost of your premium at renewal. In 2020, 64% of our customers renewing after their first year were offered an average renewal discount of 31%.1

We protect you when you need us the most

Protect your No Claim Discount at no extra cost.

Whilst most insurers allow drivers to protect their No Claim Discount only after 3 or 4 years, at drive like a girl we not only offer this from 1 year to help new drivers combat the pressures of high car insurance costs – we provide this at no additional cost.

In 2020, new drive like a girl customers received an average 32% on their policy after one year of no claims driving, increasing up to 40% on year two – it would be unfair if new drivers missed out on protecting their discount when it’s most significant. Don’t miss out.

For more information, get in touch with us now.

We reward you for driving safely

You can earn up to 100 Reward Points each month by driving safely, and it’s the only way we can give you a better premium. It’s a no-brainer – drive well and get rewarded! 

We have no curfews and no fines

Having a black box fitted to your car might make you feel like you’re in Big Brother, but don’t worry – we don’t set any curfews or fine you for driving late at night.

We want to keep you safe

The black box will alert us if it senses a strong impact to your car. Through this Accident Alert, if we think you might have had an accident, we’ll try to call and check you’re OK.

We can help track your car

If your car is stolen, our black box technology can help us track its location. We can work with the authorities to find your car.

We are here for you

You can reach us 24/7 and 365 days a year, if you need to make a new claim. Save our claims line 0330 022 0123 on your phone now.

We understand your needs

It’s not just your car that needs to be insured. We also provide a few extra features to give you the service you need:

Handbag cover for up to £250

Secure your personal belongings (any handbag and its contents), if your car is lost or damaged due to an accident, fire, theft or attempted theft. We may require proof of purchase or evidence of ownership to support your claim.

Get you home cover for up to £50

If you have an accident or get stranded, we’ll help you get home. All reasonable expenses up to £50 will be covered by us following a claim on your policy.

Misfuelling cover for up to £250

We all get lost in our minds sometimes! If you put the wrong fuel in your car, we’ll pay up to £250 to clean the necessary parts or repair any damage.

Personal accident cover

A drive like a girl policy includes up to £7,500 of personal accident cover for you or your partner when injured in your car.

Temporary replacement car

You need to keep moving, even after an accident. We’ll provide you with a temporary replacement car in the event of an accident, if one is available and the loss or damage is covered by this policy.

1 These policyholders earned 60+ monthly Reward Points and counted for 64% of all first-year renewals.