The black box fitted in your car can sense strong impacts on the car. When it registers a large jolt, it sets off an alarm in our Service Centre.

Our trained team can use the data from the box to assess what’s happened:

What sort of road are you on? Are there likely to be other people around? Is it dark? Is the car moving? How strong was the impact? Has the car turned over or spun around?

If your car isn’t moving, we’ll try to call you on your mobile to check you’re OK and help get you on your way. If it’s not safe to drive your car, we’ll arrange for it to be taken for repair, and if you think you’ll need to make a claim, we’ll talk it through with you.

If we can see that your car is moving, we’ll assume you are unharmed and don’t need immediate assistance.

If we’re unable to contact you and your car is stationary. we’ll assess all the circumstances relating to the incident, such as the location, the time of day and the force of the impact. If we think it’s appropriate, we’ll attempt to contact the emergency services to request that they attend.

Please note we are not able to guarantee that the emergency services will attend in these circumstances, and you must still notify us of any incident.