Many traditional insurers calculate premiums based on an estimated mileage, considering that some drivers will understate their expected mileage when completing a quote. This can mean that you end up paying more than you should.

At drive like girl, things work a bit differently. Your miles are measured by a black box fitted out of sight in your car. This counts your miles as you drive, so we know exactly how much you have driven.

Policy Miles

With a drive like a girl policy you can drive up to 7,000 miles.

If you run out of Policy Miles during the policy year, you can either buy Top Up Miles or use your Reward Points to redeem them. You can do this at any time via Your Portal or by calling us on 0330 022 1000.

Any unused Policy Miles won’t be credited to the next period of policy cover, and there is no financial exchange for any miles. You can, however, roll over your Top Up Miles.

Top Up Miles

Top Up Miles are additional miles you can buy, or redeem Reward Points for, if you need more miles than your allocated Policy Miles. Top Up Miles are available in bundles of 250, 500, 1,000 or 2,000 miles at any time during the term of your policy. You can buy these at any time via Your Portal or by calling us on 0330 022 1000.

Please note if you exceed your Policy Miles and do not buy Top Up Miles when required, your policy will be cancelled.