How our black box car insurance works

Telematics (black box) technology allows us to gather accurate information about your driving, so we can calculate car insurance based on individual driving behaviour instead of just offering you potentially expensive gender-neutral car insurance based on group statistics.

We assess your driving by fitting a telematics box to your car. The box is about the size of a mobile phone and is fitted out of sight inside the vehicle. It is safe and doesn’t interfere with the workings of your car.

We put the information we collect from the black box onto , where you can see your driving history.


How we use the information from the black box

We have introduced this technology to drive down the cost of car insurance – whether or not you have been affected by the implementation of the European Gender Directive – and help make the roads safer.

We use the information we collect to:

  • help calculate the cost of your renewal premium
  • assess your car insurance risk
  • manage your claim after an accident
  • have a better overview of an accident to help recover money from the person responsible
  • help you if you have an accident
  • track the location of the car if it is stolen


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