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We fit a black box to your car This lets you prove you 'drive like a girl' – or in other words, you drive safely

If your drive like a girl policy number starts DLG (which will be the case if you first bought your policy prior to 1st June 2016, even if you have renewed it since), then different terms apply. Please click here for details.
  • Mileage based policy
    girl mileage

    You can drive up to 7000 miles during your policy term. Top up your miles if you need to.

  • Black box fitted
    girl black box

    We fit a small telematics box to your car at a convenient time and place. It records your mileage and how safely you drive.

  • Review your driving
    girl review driving

    Log in to Your Portal to monitor your mileage and your driving behaviour. You can also see if you 'drive like a girl'.

  • Earn rewards
    girl celebrating

    You can earn Reward Points for safe driving each month. Check how many you have available on Your Portal and exchange them for benefits.

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Car insurance for everyone

Car insurance for everyone

You don’t have to be female to ‘drive like a girl’. We insure drivers of any gender.

To 'drive like a girl' refers to a safer, smoother driving style. This is why we want everyone to be proud to ‘drive like a girl’.

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We can help if your car is stolen

We can help if your car is stolen

The black box we fit to your car provides you with a theft tracking system.

This means that if your car is stolen, call us and we will get in touch with the Police to try and help them to find your car.

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Why insure with drive like a girl?

  • Earn Reward Points for safe driving
  • Accident Alert to help keep you on the road and safe after an accident
  • Theft recovery, using the box to help find your car if it's stolen
  • No curfews and no fines*
  • UK Claims Line available 24/7 for new claims
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Our Accident Alert service

The black box fitted to your car senses any strong impact. When it registers a large jolt it sets off an alarm in our Service Centre.

If your car isn't moving after the impact, we will call you to check you’re okay. If your car isn't moving and we think it is appropriate, we will attempt to contact the emergency services and request that they attend.

Please note: we are not able to guarantee that the emergency services will attend in these circumstances, and you must still notify us of any incident.

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