At drive like a girl, we want to give young drivers the chance to save on their car insurance.

How does drive like a girl car insurance work?

We provide black box car insurance for young drivers. We fit a black box to your car; this telematics technology allows us to gather information about your driving so that we can calculate your premium based on individual driving behaviour, instead of group statistics.

We use each driver’s individual risk to provide a personalised renewal quote – and reward good drivers with extra miles and vouchers along the way. The safer you drive, the better your chances are in reducing your premium for next year – simple!


Who is drive like a girl for?

A drive like a girl policy is great for young drivers. 

It’s not easy to find the right insurance cover for the first time, especially when quotes tend to be higher for young drivers. It takes a while to develop a good driving style but that doesn’t mean you don’t deserve a chance to pay less for it!


What’s great about drive like a girl?

We’ll say it once more – drive like a girl gives you the opportunity to influence what you pay for your car insurance. You get to earn the premium that you deserve.

But we reward safe driving in other ways too. You can earn up to 100 Reward Points each month by driving safely – these points can get you extra miles (Top Up Miles) and some great retail vouchers. It’s a no-brainer – drive well and get rewarded!

Our aim is to keep you safe. The black box fitted to your car also allows us to provide tools that help you improve your driving. Through alerts and safety campaigns, we communicate with customers consistently to support them become better and safer drivers.

The black box will alert us if it senses a strong impact on your car. Through this Accident Alert, if we think you might have had an accident, we’ll try to call and check you’re OK. We can also help the authorities track your car, if it’s ever stolen.


What does it mean to ‘drive like a girl’?

Car insurance is gender-neutral. But – research has proven that women are safer drivers than males. When it comes to having accidents, claims made by males are more expensive. 

Our internal driving data of nearly 5 billion miles also shows that men are 27% more likely to speed than women**; one obvious factor in accidents. So, it’s obviously smarter to ‘drive like a girl’! 

drive like a girl is for everyone who wants to take control of their car insurance – by fitting a black box in your car you can show just how safely you drive, whatever gender.

For us to give you our most competitive premium – and reward you during your policy – you should drive smoothly, keep to an appropriate speed, avoid harsh acceleration or braking, avoid driving regularly at night and take breaks on long journeys.

So now you know. Drive like a girl. In other words…drive better, drive safer – and save on your insurance!


**Analysis of drive like a girl policyholders’ speeding instances Jan 2017 – Dec 18.