Once you’ve passed your Driving Test you should be in a position to drive safely and confidently on the road.

However some drivers feel that they would like some extra training on more advanced driving skills, or types of roads and driving conditions they may not have encountered when first learning to drive.

What’s more, getting the Pass Plus or Advanced Driving qualifications can help reduce the price of your car insurance.

So what is Pass Plus all about?


Pass Plus in numbers

  1-certificate 1 certificate
You’ll get a Pass Plus certificate when you’ve completed your training. You’ll need this if you want a car insurance discount.¹
  1-year 1 year
It’s most useful for new drivers within the first year after passing their test.
  6-hours 6 hours
The minimum time it takes to complete the course.
  6-modules 6 modules
The Pass Plus course has 6 modules. Find out more about these below.
  180-pounds £180
The typical cost of a Pass Plus course (but it varies by instructor)²


Check out this handy video which explains what’s included in the Pass Plus course:

Did you know? Some councils give you a discount on the Pass Plus course. Find out more here.

The modules³

  1. Driving in town
    The first module covers areas including complex junctions, observation, judgement and awareness, vulnerable road users and space needed around your car.
  2. Driving in all weathers
    This module looks at speed, stopping distances and making sure you’re seen in different weather conditions. You’ll also learn about skidding.
  3. Driving on rural roads
    You will learn about blind bends, hills, keeping the safe distance between you and the driver in front, and how to overtake safely. You’ll also gain experience coping with animals and slow moving vehicles.
  4. Night-time driving
    On completing this module you should feel confident driving at night. This includes using your headlights, coping with dazzle, judging speed and distance and parking.
  5. Driving on dual carriageways
    Dual carriageways can be risky for inexperienced road users. You’ll learn about judgement and observation, distance between vehicles, overtaking, using the lanes and joining and leaving the dual carriageway.
  6. Motorway driving
    Topics include joining and leaving the motorway, observation, overtaking, what to do if you break down, use of lights and courtesy to other drivers.

If you would like to take a Pass Plus course, click here to visit the gov.uk information page.


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