Women can sometimes get a bit of stick for their driving. But actually if you look at the statistics, young female drivers seem to have fewer serious accidents than young men.

In fact, 75% of fatalities on the road caused by young drivers involve men.¹

One of the reasons that young men have more accidents than young women could be the speed they drive at. According to RoSPA2 ², around 400 people a year are killed in crashes in which someone has exceeded the speed limit or driven too fast for the conditions. If driving at speed, your stopping distance is increased, as are the chances of serious injury. When comparing the driving speed of young men and women on the motorway, young males are twice as likely to break the speed limit as young females.³

So perhaps it’s not a bad thing to be a ‘woman driver’? We want to help young women drivers to get a fair price for their car insurance. The EU Gender Ruling means that insurers can no longer use gender to price insurance. Young female drivers used to get cheaper insurance than young males just because they are girls who are statistically less likely to have an accident.

Did you know: 68% of young driver serious accidents involve men.⁴

Insurance from drive like a girl is designed so you can get a fair price for your insurance based on how safely you drive. So not only will you be driving more safely, you’ll have more money to spend on things you’d rather spend your hard earned cash on!

At drive like a girl we encourage young drivers to drive more safely on the roads. Too many road accidents involve young drivers. We want to reduce these numbers, which in turn should help to lower insurance costs for you.

How do I ‘drive like a girl’?

At drive like a girl we measure safe driving according to 4 main criteria. If you can keep to these, you’ll be on the way to being a safe, smooth driver.

Here are our 4 safe driving tips:

  1. Speed:
    Keep to an appropriate speed for the road and conditions. Remember – the speed limit is a maximum, not a target.
  2. Smooth driving:
    Avoid any harsh acceleration or braking, unless it’s an emergency. Make sure you’re aware of any hazards around you, and anticipate the road ahead.
  3. Night driving:
    More accidents happen at night, so you’re safest if you can avoid driving between 11pm and 4am when possible.
  4. Taking breaks:
    Tiredness is a significant cause of accidents, so make sure you take a break of at least 20 minutes at least every 2.5 hours.

So you can still ‘drive like a girl’ if you’re male. Click here to find out how much you could save.

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