This was the result of a challenge in court by the Belgian consumer group Test-Achats, which argued that using gender to help decide insurance prices goes against gender equality rules.


What does that mean to you?

Previously car insurance companies worked on the basis that young women cost them a lot less than young men overall, so girls were given cheaper premiums. But now, following the implementation of the EU Gender Directive, men and women must be offered the same quote if their circumstances are otherwise identical, which means that prices for young women under 25 have increased.


Is drive like a girl breaking the rules?

No – all our prices are ‘gender-neutral’ in line with the Gender Ruling.

What makes drive like a girl special is that we use the latest telematics technology to record exactly how our customers are driving. The great thing about using a telematics box is that instead of guessing whether our customers are likely to have an accident based on their age, gender, occupation and so on, we can make a realistic judgment based on how they actually drive.

With a drive like a girl policy you can prove to us that you’re a safer driver – and if you ‘drive like a girl’ you will earn Reward Points.

Drive like a girl is designed especially for young women aged 17 to 25 – but as long as you fit the eligibility criteria, anyone (male or female) can buy a drive like a girl policy.

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