We have all been there. We’ve left the supermarket to find our car isn’t parked where we thought. It only takes a couple of seconds for the panic to kick in, and usually we’ve only parked a couple of spaces away. But what if there comes a day where you come back and your car really isn’t there waiting for you? If you’ve checked everywhere, and still nothing, what then?

Before taking action, think of all the possibilities. Could your car have been towed? Could your partner be playing an April fools prank?

Step one

If you finally come to a solid conclusion that your car has indeed been stolen, the first thing you should do is call the Police – dial 101 and ask to be put through to your local department. Make sure you get a crime reference number. You could also ask people nearby if they saw anything unusual.

Step two

The next step is to call your car insurance company. If you’re insured with drive like a girl, call us on 0330 022 0123 as soon as possible, or at least within 24 hours of discovering the theft, so we can monitor the location of your car and liaise with the Police.

If you have black box car insurance

If you’ve bought telematics car insurance with drive like a girl, you will have had a black box fitted into your car. This black box can work as a theft tracking device. This means if your car gets stolen, we can help you find it. Just give us a call and we should be able to use the GPS information given from the black box to help find its exact location. Even with this technology though, you still need to call the Police to report your car stolen.

Read our theft recovery page to find out more on what to do in this situation, and how we can help.

If you don’t have black box car insurance

Depending on which phone you have, you might be able to track the car down. For example with Apple products using iCloud, or with Android using Device Manager, you could log into your account on another device and find the location of your phone or tablet, and therefore the possible location of the car. We would recommend giving this information to the Police, rather than trying to track it down on your own.