In preparation for our January Twitter Hour, we carried out a survey to find out a bit more about drivers’ experiences of learning to drive. The results are shown below.


learn how to drive - survey results


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We asked 153 drivers about their experience of learning to drive…

When asked for the top skill they wish they’d had more practice on, they responded
1. Motorways (17%)
2. Driving in bad weather (14%)
3. Parallel parking (14%)
4. Coping with skidding (12%)

felt they didn’t have enough practice on all the key skills before taking to the roads on their own

Despite this…

think they spent long enough learning with an instructor

So do drivers need to spend more time practicing outside of lessons?

The Association of British Insurers has proposed a minimum 12 month learning period before the test can be taken.*

86% of our respondents passed in a year or less, and the average of this group was only 6 months of learning

Results taken from a survey of 153 drivers.