Are you a fan of spontaneous trips whenever the sun is out? Road trips are a great way to explore new places with ease and enjoy the scenery on the way. Just slide over to the nearby city or crash at Airbnbs whilst exploring multiple destinations.

Road trips give you complete freedom. No hassle booking flights, no return ticket; the itinerary can change as many times as you wish! It’s a great chance to catch up with friends, blast out that 90s playlist and embark on an adventure you’ll never forget.

So much fun to think about! Whether you’re a planner or not, hold off a minute before you rush to choose outfits, buy snacks and build the playlist. You really don’t want your dream trip to turn into a nightmare because your car broke down in the middle of nowhere, or worse; you had an accident.

Check out these 5 tips to prepare for your next road trip:

1. Give your car some TLC

You should always keep your car maintained but it’s extremely important if you’re off for a long drive. You’ll want to use your budget on the fun activities and good food as planned, not calling up a mechanic because your bonnet is smoking. 

Check out our 7 tips for car maintenance and do the full round of checks before your trip.

2. Set your game plan

The fun part, of course, is choosing your destinations and looking up restaurants with Moroccan floors and cute plants along the country roads. 

But in addition to finding the best spots for the ‘Gram, it’s important to plan your route – that is, which roads are the best to take, where the gas stations are and which way is the safest.

3. Marie Kondo your necessities (yes, it’s a verb now)

Comfortable clothes, a swimsuit and a new pair of sunglasses…check, check, check! But what about packing for your car? Make sure you have your owner’s manual in the car, so you have somewhere to turn to if you see any indicator lights you don’t recognise or need to check your oil.

Have an emergency kit in the car including first aid, some tools, spare coolant and windscreen fluid and maybe some jump leads. You’ll want to be ready for any surprises!

4. Decide who’s who

You’re close enough with your friends to plan a trip together but have you been stuck in a small space for hours before? As you would when choosing flatmates, think carefully about who to go with. Travel plans can easily turn stressful, especially if it’s last-minute.

Establish some roles before you make a move – one responsible for snacks, one can be the DJ, and one can look after the GPS. Make sure you’re all on good energy and the right mood to avoid distractions.

5. Download all of the apps

Luckily there are plenty of great apps nowadays to help you feel a bit more prepared. Firstly, make sure you have a good GPS system or map on hand – and get a phone holder in your car so your hands stay free.

Apps like Roadtrippers and PetrolPrices can help you locate rest stops. Use Airbnb to book accommodation in advance or check Hotel Tonight for last-minute deals once you’ve decided where to stop.


There you go! Whether it’s Sweet Home Alabama, Single Ladies or some good old Spice Girls – with these tips you’re ready to tune in and enjoy your trip.