Driving can be really scary – even more so if you’re holding a brand new licence

Driving phobia is a real thing and worrying in the first few months after taking your driving test is extremely common – but don’t let it overtake you. So what your instructor isn’t there to guide you anymore, it’s your time to shine! The sense of freedom driving brings is worth it.

Let’s put it into perspective – there are 32 million licence holders in the UK only*. Why would you be the one who can’t do it?

Like any new experiences, you’ll most likely feel nervous the first few times. To calm your nerves, here are some common fears and how to overcome them – so you can tick them right off your list and get to it!


Nervous about traffic lights?

Funnily, the most common fear isn’t serious accidents or losing your licence – it’s the feeling of embarrassment when you stall at a traffic light.

Driving a manual car when you’re new to it can be a real struggle, but you know what? It’s the stress that makes you stall, not your driving skills.

A red light doesn’t last too long so make sure you have your first gear ready and feet by the right pedals. Take your time and don’t let impatient drivers ruin it for you, let others pass if they’re in a hurry.

You’ve done this over and over in your driving lessons – don’t lose the confidence!

Anxious about roundabouts?

Driving down a straight road is nice and easy – until you see a roundabout coming up. How do you get in smoothly?

As in any situation on the road, the most important thing is to stay alert and be aware of your surroundings. Check the mirrors and look over your shoulder so that you see the cars in the roundabout but also the queue behind you or the lanes next to you.

Make sure the coast is clear before you join in, know which exit you need to take and indicate on time. If you miss it, just make another round and try again; don’t make any sudden turns.

Scared of accidents?

Hopefully, you’ll never need to go through it but accidents do happen – and that’s what we’re here for. The best way to deal with this anxiety is to always be prepared. Plan your routes, use a GPS, maintain your car and make sure you have good visibility at all times.

Thanks to our Accident Alert, we’re able to see if there’s a strong impact on a car through the black box and try to contact the driver to check they’re OK. Click here to get a quote with us.

If the nervousness takes the best of you, don’t drive alone until you feel completely calm to do so. Take a friend or a relative with you to make you more comfortable.

Above all, drive in a way that’s safe for you and other road users.