Pink is the best rating you can get – it means you have driven ‘like a girl’. In other words, you have avoided any harsh acceleration or braking and have kept to a sensible speed. Well done!

If you get a white dot this means the box hasn’t recorded enough miles for your journey to be rated. Don’t worry – this doesn’t affect your score.

If you get a blue dot this means you haven’t driven ‘like a girl’ – you may have had some harsh acceleration or braking or not always driven at a sensible speed. You should try and avoid blue dots if you want to get the maximum drive like a girl discount.
A black dot means you have had a dangerous journey. This may be because you have driven significantly over the speed limit or been very heavy on the accelerator or brakes. If you get any black dots we strongly advise you consider what specifically may have triggered this rating and avoid this driving behaviour in future.