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If I cancel my policy, do you have to remove the black box from my car?

No – as the black box is small, fitted out of sight and independent of all other car systems there really is no need to remove it.  In fact if either you or a future owner wanted to insure with us again we could switch the black box back on remotely.  We will of course remove it if you wish, but the moment you cancel your policy we switch off all transmissions anyway.

If the payment for this month has not gone out does that mean my policy has been cancelled?

Please call Customer Service on 0330 022 0200. We will check your policy to see if it has been cancelled.

If I cancel my policy what happens to the box?

In the event of cancellation the black box will remain in your car but it is permanently disabled by us remotely. If you wish you may request for it to be removed.

Please note: if your policy is cancelled and an black box has already been fitted to your car, or had been fitted to a car you previously insured with us, the cancellation fee will be £80. Fees will be subject to Insurance Premium Tax where applicable.

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