You need to tell us about any changes, like moving house or changing your car, which may affect your policy. To change details please log in to Your Portal, or speak to one of our agents on Live Chat.

Please note: this may result in an increase or decrease in premium. The following fees apply for policy changes:

  • £90 via our Service Centre or £85 via Your Portal, if you change your car and a black box has already been fitted to your car, or had been fitted to a car you previously insured with us.
  • £25 via our Service Centre, if you change your overnight parking address
  • £25 via our Service Centre or £5 via Your Portal if you add/remove a driver to/from your policy

If you make more than one change at once, you will only have to pay one fee (whichever is the highest). Insurance Premium Tax will be charged or refunded at the appropriate rate.

If you have a credit agreement, these fees will be added to your monthly instalments if there are any left to pay. Please note that Premium Credit Ltd will also charge a transaction fee. The cost can be spread across your remaining payments unless you’ve made the changes within 8 days from your direct debit payment. If you’re 8 days or fewer away from your last direct debit payment, we will take a manual card payment.