Young female drivers have experienced a sudden increase in car insurance prices as a result of the EU Gender Ruling.

The ruling states that insurance companies must offer ‘gender-neutral’ prices. This means that male and female drivers will be priced the same if their circumstances are otherwise equal.

Many believe the result of this new law to be young women paying the price for dangerous ‘boy-racers’ who cost insurers a significant amount each year.

A study by the BBC revealed that 62% of all accidents on the road are carried out by men.* Yet despite statistics such as these proving women to be the safer drivers, both genders will be subjected to the same premiums.

It now remains for girls to seek out alternative ways to save money on their car insurance such as telematics.

With a telematics box women can pay a tailored premium based on how they drive.

One example of this type of insurance is new brand drive like a girl, which offers rewards to customers who ‘drive like a girl’.

Read more information regarding how drive like a girl works.

*Figure taken from How Safe Are Britain’s Roads, BBC2 07/11/12