Car insurance is one of those necessary purchases that no-one likes to shell out for. However, it’s illegal to drive without insurance so it’s not something you can avoid. What you can do is to find ways to reduce the cost of your car insurance.

Cheap car insurance for girls used to be easier to come by. Before the EU Gender Ruling girls could get cheaper premiums than boys, even if all their other circumstances were the same. This is because young men generally cost insurance companies more to insure. Since 2012, prices for women drivers under 25 have increased because gender is not allowed to be taken into consideration when working out the cost of your premium.

So how can you get cheaper car insurance?

What car do you drive?
One of the main deciding factors of how much your premium is going to cost is the car that you drive. Each car is put into an insurance group that goes from 1 to 50. The higher the insurance group, the more expensive that car could be to insure. The groups are determined by how much your car would cost to repair if you had an accident. More expensive makes with lots of extras could be more costly to repair. Insurance companies also take into consideration how appealing your car would be to thieves. They want to know how much it’s going to cost them to replace should your car be stolen and not recovered.

Check out the Thatcham site for more information on car group rating.

Where do you park?
Insurance revolves around statistics and risk. All the factors that determine the cost are based on how likely you are to have a claim and how much that claim will cost the insurer. If you park on the street, you might be more likely to have claim for damage to your car or for theft. On the other hand, if you keep your car garaged overnight it’s not very likely at all to get stolen, so parking your car in your garage could help to reduce your premium.

What do you use your car for?
When you get a quotation for car insurance you’re asked what you use your car for. If you use your car for business use, not just commuting to a single place of work, your insurance will generally be higher. This is something to consider if you are planning on using your own car for business use.

Is your car secure?
If your car has security features that deter and/or prevent theft it can help to reduce your insurance premium. Most new cars come with at least an immobiliser that stops your car being driven without the right keys. An alarm can be really beneficial to ward off would-be car thieves and if your car doesn’t have one, it is possible to have an alarm installed.

There are lots of things that you can’t change, which help determine the cost of your insurance, such as your age and where you live. But if you’re looking for cheap car insurance for girls, there are things you can look out for to help bring those prices down.

Telematics car insurance for girls

One option is to look at telematics car insurance. Insurance from drive like a girl uses a little black box installed in your car (at no extra cost) to work out what kind of driver you are and to help you if your car is stolen or you are involved in an accident.

We know that girls are statistically safer drivers, so why not prove it?

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