Guide to changes to driving lessons and tests following Coronavirus

Young learner drivers across the entire United Kingdom begin to rejoice as the prospect of solo driving edges ever-nearer, following a suspended period due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

While we still may not be fully in the clear, the British public have begun to smell fresh air again, go to their beloved pubs and even bring visitors round to their houses. But what about driving lessons and tests?

As you may have witnessed throughout this pandemic – each nation in the United Kingdom has chosen to do things on their own terms, so, unfortunately, the resumptions of lessons and tests does not have a one-size-fits-all approach.

In fact, there are quite a few specific dates, so keep your ears peeled….


Driving Lessons

You may have had the privilege of practicing your driving skills with a family member throughout the UK lockdown, but the reality is that most young drivers won’t have driven for at least three months.

This may have you feeling a little rusty, and in desperate need of lessons.

But when can you take them from?

Nation (within the United Kingdom) Date of driving lesson resumption[1]
England 4th July 2020
Scotland 24th August 2020
Wales 27th July 2020
Northern Ireland 6th July 2020
*All information correct as of 6th August 2020

Don’t feel anxious about jumping back in the driver’s seat, every learner driver in the UK is in the same position; tell your instructor if you are feeling very nervous though and they help start you on quieter roads with less traffic. Remember to ask politely.

It’s undeniable to think that the lessons themselves won’t change a little after the outbreak of Covid-19, from now, until the foreseeable future, masks will be a necessity to take driving lessons and tests in the UK; with drivers also being asked to use hand sanitiser before they enter the car.

These steps have been taken to resume lessons, and must be adhered to by both you and your instructor alike. For a full breakdown of what will happen in your lessons, click here.


Theory Tests

Ah, the beloved theory tests.

Hopefully, you will have spent the last few months revising for your theory test, ready to pass first time round.

No? You haven’t been revising? Oh well, there is no rush.

Nation (within the United Kingdom) Date of theory test resumption[2]
England 4th July 2020
Scotland 22nd July 2020
Wales 3rd August 2020
Northern Ireland 6th July 2020[3]
*All information correct as of 6th August 2020

Whilst you may not be able to take lessons at this moment in time, depending on which part of the UK you live in, you can now take your theory test anywhere in our isles.

We would recommend booking as quickly as you can – there has been a huge backlog of drivers turning 17 and eagerly wanting to pass their theory test so they can start driving as soon as humanly possible. Book now and avoid extraordinary waiting times.

If you’re a critical worker in England, Scotland or Wales, and you need a theory test before these dates, you can apply for an Emergency theory test here.

For everyone else, you can book your theory test by clicking here. Although please check the rules surrounding Covid-19 beforehand, so you are not denied entry to your test.


Practical Driving Tests

The final chapter in your learner driver experience – the driving test itself.

These two words can often evoke fear into the ears of many young drivers, but it’s a rite of passage and not to be scared of.

As this is the final step before you can start solo driving and gaining your independence, we’re sure you’re eager to find out when you can start…

Nation (within the United Kingdom) Date of theory test resumption [4]
England 22nd July 2020
Scotland N/A
Wales 17th August 2020
Northern Ireland 1st September 2020[5]
*All information correct as of 6th August 2020

If you live in England, you may have already taken your driving test (and passed hopefully?), but living in any other nation in the United Kingdom may mean that you have to wait a little longer.

At the moment of writing this, there is unfortunately no official guidance as to when driving tests will resume in Northern Ireland or Scotland.

It may seem frustrating to have to wait for your test, but rest assured, the steps taken by your Government will help keep you safe in the long-term. Why not brush up on what you’re likely to encounter on your test, get in contact with your driving instructor, or simply practice your steps while sat down on your sofa.


Our overall guidance is to remain safe when you get back on the road, whenever that may be. Don’t try and rush yourself before you’re ready.

We look forward to having you on the road in the not so distant future. Keep up with our social media to hear all the latest driving related news. 

Good luck – drive safe!