Christmas season – it’s time to over-eat chocolate, go out mid-week and wear glitter. We can’t help but be merry!

What we’re not so merry about is the seasonal car maintenance. Owning a car in winter can be a real chore! 

There are a few basic things you should do to prepare your car for winter – but we scoured the internet to find some creative gems for you as well.

Check out our 10 best DIY winter car hacks:

1. Put socks on your windscreen wipers to stop them from freezing at night. Lifting them up will also help so they don’t get stuck on the windscreen, or get covered by snow.

2. Defrost your windscreen with shaving foam. Spray a thin layer on a clean towel, wipe the window with it, and then wipe it all clean to prevent fogging up.

3. Wrap your side mirrors in plastic bags to keep them snow- and ice-free. Or use woolly hats if you have some you don’t wear.


4. Defrost your car lock with hand sanitiser. Dip your key in the sanitiser and the alcohol will melt the ice inside the lock. Another way is heating up the key with a lighter.

5. Use cooking spray on the car door edges to stop them from freezing shut. Slightly coat the rubber edges and wipe them clean, the spray will lubricate the seal.

6. Use a credit card as an ice-scraper. Ideally, you’d have a real one but if needed, a card or any thin plastic object will work – just don’t use metal!


7. Put your car’s floor mats under your tyres for more traction if stuck. It could really help you get out of a snowbank.

8. Use a broom to take snow off your roof. It’s actually illegal to drive with snow on your roof because it can impact driving visibility.

9. Park your car facing east overnight. The sun rises from the east so, unless you’re on the go at 6am, it’ll melt some of the ice for you.

10. Never use hot water to defrost your windows. The extreme change of temperature can crack the glass.

Good luck!


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