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    Where are my documents?

    Your policy documents will be delivered online and you can access them via Your Portal. You can log in through, or via the email we sent you when you took out your policy with us. It is important that you:

    • Check the documents are accurate. If you need to correct or update any information please contact us immediately.
    • Print the Certificate of Motor Insurance as soon as possible. You need to keep this safe for future reference.


    What is my Portal?

    Your Portal is your personal online space. It is where we show you the information gathered by the in-tele-box, including your drive like a girl score. It’s also where you can access your policy documents and any saved quotes.

    Will I be penalised for bad driving?

    At drive like a girl we encourage and reward safe driving – if you ‘drive like a girl’ you could earn money back after 3 months. While we will not fine you or increase your premium if you drive dangerously, please be aware that this could prevent you from getting a drive like a girl discount and may mean that you are not entitled to a further premium reduction when you renew.

    How many miles can I drive?

    There are no mileage limits with drive like a girl. However, we need to make sure all your details are up-to-date, so if during your policy you think you are going to exceed the number of miles you told us you’d drive when you took out your policy, just give us a call on 0330 022 0200 to let us know.

    Can I insure both my cars with drive like a girl?

    Yes – you can do this by arranging separate drive like a girl policies for each car. We will fit our in-tele-box to each vehicle for you and you can continue to earn a separate No Claim Discount against each car. You will also be able to earn a separate drive like a girl discount on each car with its own drive like a girl policy.

    How do I buy a policy?

    You can buy car insurance with drive like a girl online or by phone. Click here to get a quote, or call Customer Service on 0330 022 0200.