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drive like a girl give money back to her drivers
We fit a box to your car to reduce your insurance cost
no curfews and no fines with drive like a girl car insurance
No mileage limits with drive like a girl
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Drive like a girl? Prove it!

A telematics black box fitted out of sight at no extra charge lets you prove you 'drive like a girl' and deserve to pay a lower premium.

Money back after 3 months

85% of customers get money back after the first 3 months of their policy. Why? They 'drive like a girl'!

Lots of great benefits

Fully comprehensive car insurance, all the benefits of the telematics black box plus great extras to keep you and your belongings safe.

What our customers say

My car insurance has gone down from £1200 to £580. Taa @drivelikeagirl xo

Ël Coley-Peréz, @elliecoley

Thanks @drivelikeagirl for having amazing customer service! Best insurance company ever!

Claire Fairbairn, @ClaireFairbairn

Thank you for your help @drivelikeagirl ! Great customer service

Lateysha Grace, @LateyshaValleys

Waking up with a nice discount from my car insurance has put me in a great mood :-)

Emily Wilson, @Elwilson95

So my insurance is giving me back £110 for being a good driver @drivelikeagirl


My first ever insurance policy is with @drivelikeagirl ! Love the online portal! :-)

Chantelle, @Chantelle210593

Loved waking up to see I had a cheeky 3 month discount on my insurance this morning! @drivelikeagirl
Thank you very much:D Great insurance!

George Woollaston, @woollaston1

Today is already a good day, woke up to an email to see I've got £305 knocked off my car insurance! Thanks @drivelikeagirl

Indy Fenwick, @indyfenwick

Yay! Got my Drive like a Girl 3 month discount :) See, not all men are bad drivers!!! @drivelikeagirl

Garry B, @Garreh1989

everyone should go with @drivelikeagirl for car insurance, i just got £427 back for drivin well after 3 months! wooooo!!!!

Jess Ree, @JessRee8

@drivelikeagirl just got my renewal price of £330 made my day!

Amy Bradley, @amy_brad

@drivelikeagirl got my full discount! so happy! #topdriver

frankie'leighann, @franchescaaa_

Got over £90 back after my first 3 months as I drive like a girl :) #happyme @drivelikeagirl

Melissa , @MelissaFarrellx

Love it when my car insurance renewal comes in at a measly £497!! Bargain xxx @drivelikeagirl

Lauren, @LaurenDavies_06

A great new way to insure your car and save money

  • We know young women are safer drivers than young men.
  • And we're giving you the chance to prove it.
  • Your premium is based on how you drive - our telematics box puts you in control.
  • Get a quote now to find out how much you could save!

*‘Drive like a girl’ - even if you are a boy - and you will get a discount after the first 3 months and could save even more at renewal.