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drive like a girl give money back to her drivers
We fit a box to your car to reduce your insurance cost
no curfews and no fines with drive like a girl car insurance
No mileage limits with drive like a girl
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Drive like a girl? Prove it!

Drive like a girl car lashes

A telematics black box fitted out of sight at no extra charge lets you prove you 'drive like a girl' and deserve to pay a lower premium.

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Money back after 3 months

Get money back after 3 months with Drive like a girl

85% of customers get money back after the first 3 months of their policy. Why? They 'drive like a girl'!

Lots of great benefits

Lots of great benefits with drive like a girl

Fully comprehensive car insurance, all the benefits of the telematics black box plus great extras to keep you and your belongings safe.

What our customers say

Thanks @drivelikeagirl for having amazing customer service! Best insurance company ever!

Claire Fairbairn, @ClaireFairbairn

Thank you for your help @drivelikeagirl ! Great customer service

Lateysha Grace, @LateyshaValleys

Waking up with a nice discount from my car insurance has put me in a great mood :-)

Emily Wilson, @Elwilson95

So my insurance is giving me back £110 for being a good driver @drivelikeagirl


My first ever insurance policy is with @drivelikeagirl ! Love the online portal! :-)

Chantelle, @Chantelle210593

Loved waking up to see I had a cheeky 3 month discount on my insurance this morning! @drivelikeagirl
Thank you very much:D Great insurance!

George Woollaston, @woollaston1

Full discount from @drivelikeagirl #topdriver

lorna bradshaw, @bradshaw_lorna

Today is already a good day, woke up to an email to see I've got £305 knocked off my car insurance! Thanks @drivelikeagirl

Indy Fenwick, @indyfenwick

Woop woop got my drive like a girl discount

Ashleigh, @asherz95

Yay! Got my Drive like a Girl 3 month discount :) See, not all men are bad drivers!!! @drivelikeagirl

Garry B, @Garreh1989

everyone should go with @drivelikeagirl for car insurance, i just got £427 back for drivin well after 3 months! wooooo!!!!

Jess Ree, @JessRee8

Just recieved £123 off @drivelikeagirl very happy day :) #SafeDriver

Amy Bradley, @amy_brad

@drivelikeagirl got my full discount! so happy! #topdriver

frankie'leighann, @franchescaaa_

Got over £90 back after my first 3 months as I drive like a girl :) #happyme @drivelikeagirl

Melissa , @MelissaFarrellx

Love it when my car insurance renewal comes in at a measly £497!! Bargain xxx @drivelikeagirl

Lauren, @LaurenDavies_06

A great new way to insure your car and save money

  • We know young women are safer drivers than young men.
  • And we're giving you the chance to prove it.
  • Your premium is based on how you drive - our telematics box puts you in control.
  • Get a quote now to find out how much you could save!

*‘Drive like a girl’ - even if you are a boy - and you will get a discount after the first 3 months and could save even more at renewal.